Mr. Meinzen : AP Stats : Quarter 1 Project

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AP Statistics Quarter 1 Project

Exploratory Analysis


Description, Deliverables, Steps, Requirements, and Sources

  • Description :

    • This project is intended to give you more experience in conducting exploratory analysis.  You will use the techniques described in Chapter 1 of your textbook to thoroughly describe a data set provided by the U.S. federal government. Each student’s data set must be on a unique subject.



      1. The first is a data set, with brief description – that must be in a text, excel, or fathom file on Schoology by Friday of the 5th week of school (around middle of September).  

      2. The second is a formal report with your exploratory analysis.  The report is due no later than Thursday of the 8th week (around early October).

      3. The third is a single PowerPoint slide that you could use to present a two minute summary of your data exploration to the class. The PowerPoint slides is due no later than Thursday of the 8th week (around early October).




      1. Choose a federal government data set with at least 100 individuals and one quantitative variable.

      2. If your data subject is unique (check class log!), write it on the Class Project Log on Schoology; if not unique, repeat Step 1.

      3. No later than Friday of the 6th week of school (around middle of September), put your data set in a text, excel, or fathom file.  Briefly describe what it is and where you obtained it (complete citation for source of data), and save in your “AP STATS” folder on your h:/ drive at school. Then upload the file to the appropriate assignment in Schoology or show your teacher as discussed in class.

      4. Use the techniques from Chapter 1 to display and explore your data set. Document your work and discuss your data set in a formal report.

      5. Summarize your data set description and exploration in one PowerPoint slide.

      6. Turn in your report and a PowerPoint slide file using one (or more) of the following methods (ask your teacher which is preferred) no later than Thursday of the 8th week (around start of October):

        1. Print out the scoring rubric, your report, and your PowerPoint slide on paper and hand in to your teacher in that order.

        2. Store your report and PowerPoint files on your school's h:/ drive

        3. Upload to the appropriate files as an Assignment in Schoology



      • Your report must contain at least the following sections:

        1. Introduction

        2. Graphical Displays of Data (Fathom, Excel, or very neatly hand drawn charts)

        3. Numerical Summary of Data – describe shape, center, and spread with appropriate measures, presence of outliers,

        4. Conclusion that refers to your PowerPoint summary slide

      • You are encouraged to use as many of the bolded terms that are appropriate from pages 33-34 and page 61 of your textbook.  If any terms do not apply to your specific data, feel free to explain why they do not.   

      • Highlight, bold, or footnote your first use of each bolded term.

      • Professional looking product, one-sided, with 1 inch margins and 12 point Times New Roman Font.

      • Header must include your LAST name in upper left corner and page number in upper right corner.


  • A FEW EXAMPLE DATA SOURCES (You may use any Federal data source):

Quarter Project Grading Rubric to be Printed Out

(100 possible points)


1. Correct grammar use (20 points):

q  Complete sentences used?

q  Ideas organized?

q  Topic sentence, main points, supporting facts or data?

q  Spelling, punctuation correct?





2. Professional Format (20 points):

q  Neat and legible?

q  Graphs are easy to read?

q  Margins, font, header as specified?

q  Sources other than text referenced (data source)?





3. Completeness (20 points):

q  Appropriate Data Set?

q  Required sections in formal paper (see project instructions on reverse!)?

q  Appropriate statistical terms used and first use highlighted?

q  All appropriate graphs and numerical summaries used and discussed?





4. Quality of analysis (20 points):

q  All key points to describe data are included (shape, center, spread, outliers)?

q  Comparison made between different displays and measures?

q  Description of data is correct and consistent with displays and measures?

q  Concise summary of data and exploration provided on PowerPoint slide?





5. Timeliness of deliverables (20 points):

q  September deadline met?

q  October deadline met?