Mr. Meinzen : AP Stats : Quarter 1 Project

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

AP Statistics Quarter 2 Project

Exploratory Analysis


Description, Deliverables, Steps, Requirements, and Sources

Quarter Project Scoring Rubric to be Printed Out

(100 possible points)


1. Professionalism & Format (20 points):

q  Timliness (November & December due dates met)?

q  Correct grammar use.

q  Neat and legible with 1 inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.

q  Graphs are easy to read and labeled appropriately.

q  Header contains your LAST name in upper left corner and page number in upper right corner.

q  Sources other than US Agency referenced (data source)?


2. Quality of Data Exploration & Analysis (30 points):

qA univariate exploration of each variable. (10pts)

qA pre-LSRL bivariate exploration that addresses linearity of any relationship. (10pts)

q A use of the LSRL to model the bivariate relationship. (5pts)

q An evaluation of how reasonable a linear model might be. (5pts)


3. Sections included in the Project's Written Report (50 points):

Introduction that provides an overview and summarizes the purpose of your report. (5pts)

Background that briefly describes your agency’s mission.(5pts)

Research Question Description that clearly states the research question you are investigating and how it relates to your Agency. (5pts)

Description of data that describes the source, units, format, file location, etc., for your data. (10pts)

Exploration and analysis that describes your efforts to inform your research question. What that means is you must specifically state an analysis question your work answered and how your analysis relates to the broader research question you described (see above). This narrative of your analysis must contain supporting data summary tables and graphs (either imbedded in document or referenced in specific attached figures). (15pts)

Findings that you discovered in completing this project. What part of your research question were you able to inform or answer? (5pts)

Conclusion that summarizes key findings in your report and recommends future study or analysis tasks for your research question. (5pts)