Fundamentals of Programming

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill

Chapter 0 Assignment -- Following Instructions


  1. Setup your "H:" drive folders. Follow the Setup Instructions for Folders written at the bottom of this page.
  2. Start the Alice program by double-clicking on the icon (looks like a cartoon picture of a girl) on your desktop.
  3. Complete all four of the Alice tutorials.  These are for your benefit; they will give you a head start on the program and answer some of your questions before you ask them over the next couple of weeks. 
  4. Turn in only ONE of your tutorials ELECTRONICALLY
    • After you complete all four tutorials, pick exactly one tutorial and "Save As" to your folder "H:/Alice/handin/" to be graded.
    • Don't forget to name the file, "Ch0-Tutorial". Mr. Meinzen won't grade it unless you give it exactly this name.
      • Your grade for the Chapter 0 assignment will simply be completion points for correctly turning in a completed tutorial.  Other Chapter grades will have varying number of points that will be specified on each webpage assignment.
      • "Turning in an assignment" means either electronically or printed (instructions on webpage assignment):
        1. Saving an electronic file onto your "H:/Alice/handin/" folder to be graded, or
        2. Printing the assignment on paper and placing it on your teacher's desk (in the correct bin) to be graded.
      • Mr. M will ONLY look at your "H:/Alice/handin/" folder for completed electronic assignments to be graded.
      • Mr. M will NOT look at any other folder for your completed electronic assignments.
      • You can assume that Mr. M will be grading your assignments AFTER school but not necessarily on the day you turn it in.
  5. Complete the following QUESTIONS and, when finished and ready to be graded, put in your "H:\Alice\handin\" folder by saving the file as "Chapter0Questions.rtf."
  6. Print out the Exercise Assignment for Chapter 1 grading sheet, sign the sheet, and find the pages in the online textbook to complete the electronic exercises.
  7. Complete each of the five (1-5) Excercise Assignments as specified in the textbook. Turn each of the excercises in electronically by saving into your "H:/Alice/handin/" folder.
  8. Turn in your printed Excercise Assignment for Chapter 1 sheet to Mr. M (on his desk) when you are ready to have him score all your completed excercises electronically.


Setup Instructions for Folders --Submiting assignments electronically.


Since almost all of your assignments will be submitted electronically, you will need to create several folders and files on you H: (personal network drive) that you and Mr. Meinzen will use throughout the course. Follow the step-by-step instructions below before turning in any assignment electronically.


  1. From your desktop, open MyComputer, then open your H: drive. Notice that your H: drive is only accessible by your login (so don't give your login password to anyone else!) and Mr. Meinzen.
  2. Create a new folder named "Alice" (i.e. H:/Alice)
  3. Within this folder, create two new folders.
    1. The first new folder should be named "working" (i.e. H:/Alice/working/).
      • This folder will be the location of you assignments, tutorials, projects, and any other coursework while you are editing and modifying your work. You may also use the local computer's hard drive (i.e. "C:" drive) but other students in other classes may be able to change your files after you log out.
      • Mr. Meinzen will not grade anything in this working folder.
      • When you are ready to turn your assignment(s) in to be graded, make sure you have saved the filename as exactly specified by Mr. Meinzen on his website and copy it to the second new folder you will create in the next step 2.
    2. The second new folder should be named "handin" (i.e. H:/Alice/handin/).
      • This folder should contain only assignments, tutorials, projects and any other work that are final and you wish Mr. Meinzen to grade.
      • Mr. Meinzen will have very exact file names for each assignment to be graded as provided on his website.
      • Do NOT use this handin folder for anything other than assignments you want GRADED!
    3. It may be easy to accidentally put your work in the wrong folder or drive or mis-name your file. It is your responsibility to keep track of your files, folders, and backups.
  4. If you wish to organize your working folder more clearly, you can create sub-folders starting with Chapter0, Chapter1, etc. but it is not required. (i.e. H:/Alice/working/Chapter0, H:/Alice/working/Chapter1, etc.).
  5. It may also be to your benefit to store backups of your H:/Alice folder on a flash drive(s) in case there is a network problem or computer/software crash.